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E-Mail Policies

Internet Electronic Mail Addresses

Due to the frequent number of requests from the Public and Employees, the Information Systems and Telecommunications (IST) Division of the Department of Works, Services and Transportation, has decided to officially begin displaying Internet E-Mail Addresses in the on-line (Internet), and downloadable DOS version of the "Official" Government Telephone Directory, starting with the April 1999 Release Version

With respect E-Mail addresses, the IST Division has adopted the following Policies :

  1. The decision to include electronic mail(E-Mail) addresses in the "Official" Government Telephone Directory shall remain with departments, agencies and/or individual employees. We will not add an E-Mail address to the Telephone Directory without being requested to do so.

    Furthermore, Departments that have listed Employee E-Mail addresses on their own Web sites, should note, that these addresses WILL NOT be used to update the Official Government Telephone Directory. It will be up to Departmental Telephone Directory Liaisons in co-operation with E-Mail Administrators, Government Internet Site Authors and/or Individual Employees to officially notify this Division of any submissions.

  2. Any E-Mail address submitted for inclusion in the directory, shall be primarily for government/work related matters ( this includes cases where employees have Internet Service Provider E-Mail accounts such as Sympatico. ) An account which is considered a "personal use only" E-Mail address shall not be included.

  3. Only ONE government / work related E-Mail address will be listed per individual

  4. it is recommended, although not required, that departments list a Ministerial E-Mail address that reflects the position, not the individual. Example: Minister@wst.gov.nl.ca

  5. The Information Systems & Telecommunications Division shall NOT check E-Mail addresses for accuracy. Addresses will be listed on an "as is basis". It is the departments, agencies, and/or individual employees own responsibility to ensure the accuracy of any E-Mail address submitted.

  6. E-Mail Addresses shall follow the proper Internet Naming Standard format and be case sensitive (if required).  Example: MailBoxName@domain.gov.nl.ca

    An addresses that does not conform to the proper format shall not be listed.

  7. E-Mail addresses will not be listed in the Book Version at this time. However, this will be reviewed again at a later date.

  8. Updates to the On-Line Version of the Government Telephone Directory will be published to the Internet on a Monthly Bases. Updates to the DOS and Book Versions (which are available as download options) may be made on a less frequent basis depending upon the number of changes posted.

How To Submit an Internet Electronic Mail Address

Any employee who wishes to have their Internet E-Mail Address listed in the Official Government Telephone Directory, should forward their request to the Information Systems and Telecommunications Division of the Department of Works, Services and Transportation. You may contact this Division through one of the following:

Online: Government Telephone Directory Comments Form
Email: Telephone-Directory@gov.nl.ca
FAX: 729-4658
Phone: 729-4997

In addition to any E-Mail Address submissions, please ensure to include your Phone and/or FAX Number, Name, Position or Title, Department, Branch and Division (or Location).

If you submit an update, be aware that the Telephone information must be verified by the Information Systems and Telecommunications Division, and that it may not immediately be reflected in the on-line and published versions of the Directory.

Date: February  18, 1999

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